Carta de la EPA en respuesta a la querella contra Steve Riva

NEW YORK. NY 10007-1866


July 12, 2012

Re: Energy Answers, Arecibo, LLC Prevention of Significant Deterioration Permit Preliminary

Dear Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Centeno, Ms. Quinones Dominguez, Mr. Gonzalez, and Mr. Negron:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has received your June 14, 2012 letter regarding the May
23,2012 public meeting at the Arecibo campus of the University of Puerto Rico on the EPA’s proposed
approval of an air permit for the Energy Answers International facility in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. The
EPA is committed to a full and transparent public review of the proposed permit. The agency conducted
the May 23 public information session to provide information on its review of the application and its
decision to propose approval of a permit.
The EPA makes its regulatory decisions based on scientific and technical data that must protect people’s
health and natural resources and considers public comments before finalizing its decisions. On June 25,
2012, the EPA held a formal public hearing to facilitate public comment on the proposed permit. The
hearing did not provide a productive opportunity for the public to provide comments. The EPA has
decided to extend the public comment period and will schedule another public hearing in the near future.
EPA will not finalize its decision on the permit until all the comments have been fully reviewed and
considered. The comments will be reviewed by a team of EPA technical staff and the final decision on
whether to approve the permit will be made at a senior level within EPA Region 2.The EPA recognizes

the importance of an impartial process in EPA decision-making. EPA technical and

legal staff, as well as senior managers have reviewed the comments made during the May 23 public
information session by Steven C. Riva, Chief of the Permitting Section in the EPA Region 2 Air
Programs Branch, which you cited in your June 14, 2012letter. They have also reviewed the video clips
of the meeting that you provided. The EPA has determined that there is no need to make changes in the
project review team and will proceed with the collection of public comments, their full review and
consideration of a final decision as planned. The EPA wants to assure you that the final decision on the
permit will, as always, be based on a scientific and technical evaluation of the application and full
consideration of public comments.
The EPA continues to support a solid waste management strategy that first prioritizes source reduction,
recycling and composting. If you have any additional questions, contact John Filippelli, Director of the
Clean Air and Sustainability Division at 212-637-3736 or Thank you.

Judith A. Enck
Regional Administrator

Para ver copia oficial de la carta oprima aqui: EPA July 12, 2012, carta en respuesta querella junio 14, 2012

2012-jun-14 Complaint Letter of Steve Riva to EPA


Y aquí aparece la carta original con la querella:


Anuncio publicitario

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