VII Spanish National Conference of platforms against waste incineration in cement-kilns


A large number of entities and four local municipal governments in the Los Alcores area oppose the incineration or “valorisation” of up to 292,000 tons of waste per year (800 tons daily) in the Portland Valderrivas Cement-works in Alcalá de Guadaira. 

The public health impacts of emissions into the atmosphere of toxic, hazardous and bio accumulative substances such as mercury, dioxins and furans are well documented in various scientific studies, such as that conducted by the Institute of Health Carlos III. According to the results of this study, men and women living in neighbourhoods near waste-incineration and hazardous waste treatment plants, are at a statistically higher risk of developing all types of cancers. Specifically, there is an increased risk of tumours in the stomach, liver, pleura, kidneys and ovaries.

Over the last few years, a number of platforms have been formed across Spain to prevent the conversion of cement plants into waste incinerators.

On the 11th, 12th and 13th November we will be holding the VII National Assembly of Platforms against Waste-Incineration in Cement-kilns.

The most sensitive points of conflict will be reviewed, led by a group of prominent speakers. On Friday the 11th there will be a public conference attended by a panel of experts where various aspects of public interest will be addressed such as employment regulations in the cement sector, the effects of waste incineration on public health and a technical analysis of the waste incineration project planned for the Alcalá cement-works. It will be demonstrated that incineration is not the best solution. On Saturday 12th workshops will be held to further the coordination of strategic action plans at the state level. And finally, on Sunday we have called a demonstration / concentration in the neighbourhood of “La Liebre”.

We request the distribution of this invitation, your assistance at the public events planned and should you wish to become a member of any of the platforms, your participation in the rest of the planned activities.

For further information:

Plataforma contra la incineración de residuos en Los Alcores.

(Platform against Waste-Incineration in Los Alcores)





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